We are a FinTech that is fixated on reshaping the mortgage, loan services and real estate space by using innovation to connect finance and technology.
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A look inside most likely data solutions. Answering your business's most important questions.

Housing Market Forecasting:
  • Most likely time for a market crash
  • Most likely future market pricing
  • Most likely future market pricing

  • Market Rent Report:
  • Most likely to get the best deal
  • Most likely to overpay
  • Most likely to not pay rent

  • Mortgage Retention Product:
  • Most likely to move
  • Most likely to cancel a mortgage
  • Most likely to need a mortgage

  • Portfolio Loan Valuator:
  • Most likely to be overvalued
  • Most likely customers to need a line of credit
  • Most likely markets that are over-heated

  • School Smart:
  • Most likely to buy near a school
  • Most likely to have home value affected by school
  • Most likely to move if a school moves

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    Innovation and ingenuity are in our DNA.

    We are a FinTech that is fixated on reshaping the mortgage and loan services space by using innovation to connect finance and technology. Our flair for creativity and capacity to build lasting partnerships, combined with our solution-driven ethic, allows us to deliver unparalleled service to Canadian financial institutions and their clients.

    Fiugot’s partnership with FNF Canada enables us to leverage their secure infrastructure and multi-partner connectivity that provides a competitive advantage and differentiator.

    Iugo is latin for “to connect, couple or bind together."

    Fiugo’s connectivity with FNF Canada’s secure infrastructure and extensive partnership network enables our company to set the new FinTech standard.
    Building upon FNF’s success over the past 20 years...

    What we have done exceptionally well is help them with technology that connects them with brokers, lawyers, real estate professionals...so their customers can buy a home or create and improve their investments as part of their financial health and wellness in the future.

    But times are changing, and technology is changing exponentially. We want to lead our clients into the future, and not hold them back in the past.

    So - Fiugot - pronounced “Fugo” - is our way of delivering that technology future for financial institutions.

    Brian Bell

    With more than 16 years of Financial Services and Real Estate experience, Brian has held executive sales, marketing and innovation positions in Mortgage Banking with Bank of Montreal, mortgage default insurance with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation & AIG and Appraisal Management with Brookfield.

    Over the past 3 years, Brian has led FNF Canada’s new innovation initiatives which resulted in the launch of two new business lines, over 9 new products and the addition of a data team that has enabled the company to successfully differentiate and grow market share in the Canadian market.

    Brian’s entrepreneurial spirt and diverse background gives Fiugot a competitive edge within the FinTech sector. But more than that, Brian’s ability to build teams that think and work outside of the box while making stuff happen is where Fiugot will help to set the new standard.

    We have the data.
    We have the resources.
    We have the tenacity.
    And we have the tech to back it all up.

    Now, all we need is you.


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